Fogg Master Series, for all the Nature's Enthusiast.


Fogg has been ruling over our hearts for more than 10 years.

There is no doubt that whenever we are questioned,

Kya chal raha hai?

We are compelled to answer,

Fogg Chal Raha hai!


Their innovations, effortlessness and uniqueness always intend to grab our attention.

Even though Fogg's wide and wonderful collection of Body Spray and Perfumes opt an admiring and attractive fragrance, the Series of Body Spray named, Fogg Master will give one nature’s ride!


Out of all the fragrances, there’s quite a pleasing and satisfying feeling after an application of Natural ones and to keep you filled with Natural Adventure these below four Body Spray does a remarkable job.


  1. Fogg Master Oak Body Spray 

Oak has been used in soothing human senses in the form of Aromatherapy for a long time. Not only does it have an enormous benefit towards health but also its fragrance has the power to lift one's mood.

Notes included in the Body Spray-

Woody and Oakmoss.

Why should one apply this Body spray?

Oakmoss is one of the notes that have been used in many perfumes and Body Spray with the crucial aspect being its sustainability and magnifying fragrance.


  1. Fogg Master Cedar Body Spray–

Cedar oil is known to help soothe body and mind. A note which has a sweet and soothing woodsy scent that naturally promotes stress relief. It turns this Body Spray into a warm and comforting fragrance that lets the wearer feel enthusiastic.

Notes included in the Body Spray-

Citrus and Musk.

Why should one apply this Body spray?

The very essential and prime factor about this Body Spray is it gives a positive vibe and satisfying sentiments once applied. Like all the fragrances of Fogg, even this Body spray has a long-lasting ability.


  1. Fogg Master Agar Body Spray –

Being the highest quality and most expensive in the world, Agarwood is known to be rare and precious in the perfumery industry. Brings a lot of peace and passion once it is applied

Notes included in the Body Spray-

Exotic Agar with Woody-leathery base

Why should one apply this Body spray?

As this note is rare it brings uniqueness to the wearer. You are going to be getting bucket-full-of compliments after making this Body Spray your favorable choice.



  1. Fogg Master Pine Body spray-

Pine Leaves oil is a traditional Essential Oil and one of the notable oils known to get rid of toxins. A beautiful aroma made to invigorate human emotions.

Notes included in the Body Spray-

Pine Leave's Note with a woody hint.

Why should one apply this Body spray?

Our everyday routine can be full of exhaustion, while this Body Spray being accompanied you will gain a fragrance way of motivation to let the day pass with ease.


Bring home any of these fragrances and benefit yourself with Nature's Adventure!


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