Eight Major Benefits of Papaya Leaf.

Take advantage of the health benefits that nature provides to you!!


What role does nature play to strengthen our bodies?

We are fortunate to be blessed with nature that comes with an enormous amount of benefits with its beauty. While Tulsi & Neem being rich with elements that are extremely beneficial for internal as well as external parts of our body we are going to learn more about one of the most essential and advantageous one - Papaya Leaf and how it is one of the finest and precautionary.

  1. What are the benefits of Papaya Leaf?


  •        Best for production of Blood Platelets-

Dengue is caused by infected Aedes mosquitoes who transfer the disease into the blood and that can certainly, reduce the number of Blood Platelets in our body. Papaya leaf is known to contain properties that increase platelet count.


  • Enriched with Anti-Malarial Properties-

Acetogenin is a compound found in papaya leaf which can help to prevent and also cure diseases like malaria and dengue.


  • Enhances Body Immunity -

Containing properties like Phenolic compounds, Papain, and Alkaloids are antioxidants that in turn enhances the body's Immunity.


  • Benefits to the liver -

With Papaya, Papaya leaf also is rich in elements that work us cleansing agents for the Liver, and that further leads to healing liver diseases Jaundice and liver cirrhosis.


  • Helps digestion -

Papaya leaf contains Fiber that leads to healthy digestive functions and a compound called Papain which has the ability to break down large proteins into smaller, easier to digest proteins and amino acids. Studies have concluded that Papain powder sourced from Papaya leaf can reduce negative digestive symptoms that include constipation and heartburn.


  • Helps to lower the blood sugar level -

Papaya Leaf help in regulating the production of insulin that checks Blood Sugar levels and gives great benefits to diabetic patients.


  • Get rid of Menstruation issues -

As the leaf contains an element that balances hormones that in turn helps to regulate the menstruation cycle. The juice can ease the menstrual flow as well as reduce the pain.


  • Treats skin problems -

Enriched with Vitamin C and A that enhance your skin to have clear and healthier skin. The consumption of juice clears the toxins and helps you to get rid of pimples, freckles, and ache.


As now that we have come across these many benefits, we are also known to the fact that the papaya leaf extract or juice can be difficult to be consumed because of its bitterness and smell. Though, we can’t avoid the fact the benefits it holds.

The easiest way to consume Papaya Extract!


To ease the consumption process and let you take all the benefits listed we bring you Papxel Papaya Carica Leaf Extract Tablets which are the ones you can completely rely on. Just one tablet once a day after a meal or as per the prescription and does all the wonders that are mentioned above.

There is obviously a reason why it is said that "Precaution is better than Cure" and with these tablets, that are tested and have no side effects we assume you all will take full advantage of it.


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