Out of all the things our nature has provided us, the fragrance is indeed one of those we can never get enough of. The smell is our strongest sense and to evoke a particular memory through it is a delightful happening

 But how often do we come across a unique fragrance?

There are endless perfumes that claim down to have a distinctive fragrance but don’t amuse us after application and rather fade away in no time.


How do we know that the fragrance of perfume would certainly carry individuality?

Perfumes are made of three basic notes and no matter what the perfume is named after, the perfume will only give you the fragrance of the notes which are blended in it.

Aziro Cosmetics is one of the rarest brands which work mainly on these essential terms while bringing out the real, natural, and different outcome of aroma with notes obtained from various corner of the world.

Below are the five Perfumes for Men and Women, made with the finest and beautiful notes.



  1. Aziro Girl Eau De Parfum 50ml.


  A very sweet and refreshing aroma of floral with an exotic touch of woody in it giving out a classy and one of a kind fragrance which would lead one to feel delighted after an application. Aziro Girl Eau De Parfum is specially made for enthusiastic women who are determined and passionate about their work. This perfume gives such personalities an immense source of modernity and grace.


Type-Floral Chypre light (Made with elements of flower, fruity or woodiness giving out warm and dry fragrance touch)


Perfume notes-

Top Notes - Grapefruit and Bergamot.

Heart Note - Indian Tuberose.

Base Notes - Bulgarian Rose, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.



  1. Aziro Bliss Eau De Parfum 50ml.

This Perfume is made to overwhelm your summer outfit and let you look bright with its refreshing aroma. This Fragrance seems to convey us to have beautiful floral feelings around us and one should definitely choose this Perfume to take an advantage of such an exceptional feeling. Aziro Bliss Eau De Parfum a light yet magnifying fragrance pouring us the magic of fragrance like those Jasmine in the Garden.


Type-Floral fruity (Like a fresh cut flower from a garden.)


Perfume notes-

Top Notes - Neroli, Aamalfi lemon, and Raspberry.

Heart Note - Jasmine and Gardenia.

Base Notes - White Honey and Amber.



 3.Aziro Charm Eau De Parfum 50ml.


A very tempting fragrance filled with admiring sweetness that lasts for a long period of time letting every woman simply feel fresh and charming. Wonderful blends of notes in Aziro Charm Eau De Parfum are known to be very versatile as it doesn’t limit its usage to certain occasions. Be it traditional, formal, or Party Nights this fragrance is all set to accompany you with grace in every occasion.


Type- Fruity Floral (Sweet, Edible, and Tropical like fragrance.)


Perfume notes-

Top Notes - Black Current, Apricot, and Pear.

Heart Note - Jasmine and sandalwood

Base Notes - Musk Vanilla and Oak.






  1.  Aziro Sport Eau De Parfum 50ml.


A perfume carrying an energetic and enthusiastic vibe in every ounce of their drops leaving the wearer have a well-determined look.  Aziro Sport Eau De Parfum is a completely reliable fragrance one can wear without having to worry about its sustainability. Just Spray it once in the morning and you are set to have this energizing aroma throughout the day.


Type-Oriental spicy (A sensual and Spicy fragrance)

Perfume notes-

Top Notes -Anise and Lavender.

Heart Note- Gaicwood and Mandarin.

Base Notes - Leather, Tobacco, and Tonka



  1.  Aziro Blue Eau De Parfum 50ml.


A classy man only keeps grooming accessories that are branded and contains all the features which would make his personality look pleasant and captivating at the same time. Ario Blue Eau De Parfum has one of those features in its fragrance that a man can opt to highlight his attitude with a sweet sensual and woody aroma.


Type- Oriental woody (A striking combination of sweet and woody fragrance)

Perfume notes-

Top Notes- Sweet Bergamot, Orange blossom, and Sparkling lemon.

Heart Note- Rose and Teakwood.

Base Notes- Vanilla, Labdanum, and White Musk.


These five fragrances are not only rare but also, the finest giving the best experience to the wearer.

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