ZIA ATTARS - Destination to your Perfect Fragrance.
It is said that the best things come in small packages, and Zia attars have proved the saying to be utterly true. Zia Attars intend to blend exceptional and praiseworthy fragrances in beautiful crystal bottles making them look nothing but like a treasure.
What makes Zia Attars be distinct and demandable?
Considering Michal Edwards, Classification of Fragrance, Zia has beautifully categorized their attars giving everyone a chance to experience scent from each of the fragrance families.
You see that this Wheel consist of Four Main Members -
  1. Floral Notes.
  2. Oriental Notes.
  3. Woody Notes.
  4. Fresh Notes.
 It is obvious that whenever we talk about fragrance the first thing that comes into our mind is a Flower. More often we mean to go with floral notes and the most important side is its Sweet and natural essence. So, let’s know more about the first member of the fragrance family, Floral Notes. They are usually used in top or middle notes in scents.Most commonly used Note and mainly used for women while there are many Attars and Perfumes that blend their scents in a way that even men can apply them. They are ideal for any occasion and daily use.
Below are the splendid Zia Attars Collection made with Floral Notes.
  1. ZIA Attar ATTARFUL- Wonderfully blended with Jasmine essence that permits perfection throughout the day.
  2. ZIA Attar LOVENDER - A Lovely Fragrance giving out a soothing and refreshable aura.
  3. ZIA Attar RED ROSE- Especially made for Romantic and passionate evenings.
  4. ZIA Attar GULE LAILA- Very intense yet pleasing and dazzling fragrance.
  5. ZIA Attar MOGRA- This mesmerizing Mogra Fragrance beautifully goes with traditional wear.
Next in the Fragrance Family comes Oriental Notes. You can find the most unique and captivating scents under these Notes. Blends like cinnamon and musk that pass the warm and sweet sensation make their scents appealing.
Zia attars have the tempting Oriental Notes Category which would make everyone feel amazed with their fragrances.
  1. ZIA Attar KESAR CHANDAN-This astounding Attar is made Mixture of the two most valuable and attention-grabbing blends, Kesar (Saffron) and Chandan (Sandal).
  2. ZIA Attar THE ROYAL PROFECY-Giving one personality-rich and magnificent touch post-application.
  3. ZIA Attar MUSK E AMBER- This sweet and the earthy fragrance is not only versatile but also unique.
  4. ZIA Attar WHITE MUSK- A beautiful and comforting aroma perfect for every occasion and moments.
  5. ZIA Attar ASEEL- An epitome of sophistication is everything about this alluring Attar.
Later comes in the Fragrance Family are Woody Notes. These Notes are made with extraction from plants like patchouli and vetiver. These notes are very much appreciated by the perfumers and are usually used as an essential portion of perfumery composition.
Zia Attars from the Woody Collections is luxurious and sophisticated.
  1. ZIA Attar GOLD SANDAL- For every nature fanatic, this is an ideal Fragrance.
  2. ZIA Attar D-LOVE- A fascinating fragrance with a tempting mixture of spicy and sweet blends.
  3. ZIA Attar FIGO BLACK- A choice of every young heart who desires novelty and passion.
  4. ZIA Attar JANNAT E. FIRDOSE- An Arabian touch in the Attar which would make the wearer a centre of attraction.
  5.  ZIA Attar WHTE OUDH- Soothing and satisfying fragrance and long-lasting as per the notes.
Next comes the most favorite and fascinating Notes of the Family, Fresh Notes. These light and citrusy notes are best during the summer seasons as the freshness of lemon and citrus give hydrating character to our body.
Fresh Notes collection of Zia Attars is all you need during summer.
  1. ZIA Attar BLUE GIRL- An enchanting fragrance inspiring to be confident and well-versed.
  2. ZIA Attar OPEN BLACK- Stimulating aroma with all the natural and fresh quintessence.
  3. ZIA Attar LORD- A peaceful and pleasing Attar that soothes the mind of a wearer.
  4. ZIA Attar MAGNUT- As the name suggests, a magnetizing attar one can feel glamour with.
  5. ZIA Attar ICE BERG- Bringing you harmony is what Ice berg Attar is all about.
Now that you have come across this enormous range of Zia Attars featuring every member of the fragrance family, we assure you that one would find their perfect fragrance.

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