10 Things to do while in QUARANTINE.

Remember the times when we used to wait for weekends? No matter how many plans we reserved for it, we ended up sleeping throughout. Ironically Corona happened to permit us with an implementation of prolonging neglected plans in this Pandemic.

EU HRVP Josep Borrell has effectively termed about this Pandemic that, "Covid-19 will reshape our World. We don't know yet when the crisis will end. But we can be sure that by the time it does, our world will look very different. How different will depend on the choices we make today."

Change is inevitable but a better change is certainly under our control. Changes are the choices we make today for a better and healthier tomorrow. Being quarantined is burdensome for many people out there. But what is important that we make best out of it and make it count. We need to look at the brighter side of quarantine. Below is the TO-DO LIST during quarantine which will make you productive.


Q- Quit a Bad Habit, and Excel a Good Habit.

U- Utilization of your resources.

A- Adapt an online course.

R- Regular Meditation.

A- An Indoor Work-out.

N- Necessary list.

T- Time for your family.

I- Invest in your hobbies.

N- No to procrastination.

E- Essential Care.


1. Quit a Bad Habit, and Excel a Good Habit.

Unaware of how many days we would be isolated, we might never get a better opportunity than this to quit a bad habit. According to Dr. Maxwell MaltMaltz, it would take about 21 days of practice for an old mental image of ourselves to dissolve and a new one to ‘gel.' We are moreover aware, what is beneficial for our physical and mental health so here is your chance to change.

2. Utilization of your resources.

Quarantine is difficult but does not panic buy and stock up things. Make most of what you already have at your place. Do not leave your house unless it's truly necessary.

3. Adapt an online course.

Enroll in the courses you wanted to exert as a child but could not. Learning a new language, Cooking Lessons, and so much more. Polish yourself by excelling it

4. Regular Meditation.

Your Mental health needs to be taken care of at this time. Regular Meditation will bring in peace and leave you positive.

5. An Indoor Work-out.

We definitely won't be happy with an unwanted mass gains on our body and go out once this pandemic over. So do make sure you treat your body well.

6. Necessary list.

Make a list of all the necessary things you would want to do after this pandemic is over. Be it visiting new places, trying new dishes, and whatnot. We all would need this.

7. Time for your family.

Some of us are lucky to have been quarantined with our family. This is the best time to strengthen your relationship with them. Converse as much as possible. Have meals together.

10 Things to do in QUARANTINE

8. Invest in your hobbies.

We were all are so indulged in our daily routine and had no time to invest in ourselves. Now we can resume what we left and follow our passion. Create your Masterpiece and Don't forget to put it on your social media account!!

10 Things to do in QUARANTINE

9. No to procrastination.

No more procrastinating work. Do it today or now for whatever the work is on task. Be productive now, that will help you sustain your energy and enthusiasm latter when you get back for study or work.

10. Essential Care.

Last and the most important is that we take essential care our ourselves and the people around us. Wash your hands often, avoid touching your eyes mouth and nose with unwashed hands, social distance yourself and wear a face mask when you are around people.

We hope that these lists bring change. Stay home and stay safe.


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