Examine the counterfeit perfume, by 6 simple traits.

   -A fragrance you choose for yourself can describe a lot about your personality. So while selecting your perfume you must certainly be aware of whether the fragrance you opt is either original or fake. Even though with the help of modern techniques it has become possible to replicate the original perfectly, we have categorized a few traits below, through which you can dodge counterfeited perfumes that are almost sold worldwide.
- Purchase from Departmental Stores- 
Ensure that the purchase of your perfume is either made from specialized or departmental Store because moreover their perfumes are authorized and it’s the safest way. Perfumes that are sold in flea markets may be effective in the beginning and show an essence of the original one, but later with time it fades quickly and may give side effects to your skin as well. 
While buying online ensure that the contact details are disclosed so you can freely ask more about the perfume and confirm its originality.
-Outer Packaging of the Perfume
Be it perfume or any other product their Outer packaging is its Face and we pick it accordingly. So, make sure that you inspect the box close and check the cellophane. The wrap should be unwrinkled and tightly wrapped around the box with glue applied evenly and adequately. The box too should be thick enough and made of high-quality material, colored uniformly, and with even edges for its newness.
-The Label.
Once the packaging is verified check the things written on the box, whether they are correct and complete. Inspect the origin country and look over for printing errors, logos, and spots. The barcodes should be placed at the bottom of the perfume box and should coincide with the one from the bottle.
Misspelling of Brand/Perfume Names.
Just like any other product or brand in the market Misspellings on the particular product can be suspected as fake ones. The same goes for perfume but by researching the brand beforehand you can easily make out the errors.
Examine the Design of the bottle.
Every brand comes with a unique bottle design which is not easy to identify but we can Try and verify its shape, design, thickness, clarity, and the quality of the paint. Make sure the cap of the bottle has no uneven edges; verify its size, color, shape, and that it’s made of quality material only. Also, examine the sprayer and the tube going into the bottle.
The most significant one is the Perfume Fragrance.
The fragrance is where you can firmly recognize its originality and question the seller. If any of the traits below work, ensure that you make a replacement of your perfume or claim for cashback.
- The scent of authentic perfumes is complex and intricately constructed. If the perfume smells pungent with unusual fragrances and if you’ve used the original one previously you will find it easy to compare.
- Spray the scent on your wrist and then wait for 15 to20 seconds for the scent to settle on and you will find that fake perfumes feel oily on the skin. Original Perfume gets dried and smells the same even after awhile. Be cautious as these counterfeit perfumes may leave Skin reactions on applying like itching, rashes, or skin irritations and these are another way of identifying fake ones.
- Authorized Perfumes likely to have three layers, Top note, Middle Note, and Base Note for its sustainability while fake ones may opt only one layer and may have ‘off’ smell in a short time of wearing it.
- Opened bottles of authentic perfumes should retain their scents from six to 18 months. Counterfeit perfume can lose its fragrance in a matter of weeks or a couple of months.


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