Perfect Perfumes for your NYE!

    The last week of this year and more than half of us are jotting down the things we wish to change for the New Year. Also, it’s important that we look at the brighter side and see things which were happening this year and it’s obvious we would happily be taking those aspects to 2020. But before that comes New Year’s Eve, an evening which is full of exhilaration and hope all together.

Perfect Perfumes for your NYE! 

    Throughout the month we are planning about the attire we would go out with, the venue and whatnot. But while everything for the eve is unambiguous, have you taken the fragrance you’d wear for the NYE into consideration? Certainly, we happen to avoid these mere things (which are actually important) about our attire and end up using regular scent or perfume which would give no novelty and spark.

Perfect Perfumes for your NYE!

  But this time you don’t have to worry about your fragrance because we have gathered up one of the best brands and their perfumes for you particularly for Men and Women from the house of Bellegirl Lifestyle that would give an unusual and classy touch to you and to your outfit as well. The fragrances are equivalent to welcome New Year. We know that each of us would have different ways to celebrate NYE but we got this.  We have categorized our topmost brands according to the types of celebrations you would get into.

Below are the perfumes. Make the best choice for the fragrance you would enter the new year in, by just clicking the link beside it.  


DSP perfumes for the people who are going for Corporate Parties. It’s important that you go out with a Classy and elegant fragrance and have an individual personality that would make you look different from your colleagues. Both the perfumes have an aroma which will keep you optimistic to have a tremendous time.

-DSP Z perfume (Men)    [ ]

Notes- Bergamot, Fresh and Patchouli.

-DSP Jewel Gold Perfume (Women)   [ ]       

Notes -Floral, Amber, and Bergamot.

For those who have planned to spent time with themselves taking a long drive and enjoying the fireworks in the night at a peaceful place. Here are the fragrances for those people from St. Louis. This fragrance will make you feel uplifted and leave you pleased.

St. Louis Inc. Blackberry Perfume (Men) [ ]

 Notes-   Fresh, Sweet and Fruity.

St. Louis Inc. Pure White Musk Perfume (Women) [ ]

Notes- Rose, White-flower, and Sandalwood.

-Ramco for the people who are going back home and visiting family. These Perfumes have the perfect essence of spending time with family and enlightening the occasion with its decent and peaceful aroma. Both the aromas have warmth and comfort which will cheer you up throughout the evening. These fragrances let you turn the time you would spend with family into bountiful memory.  

Ramco Rolls Royal Perfume ((Men) [ ]

Notes- Melon, Violet, and Cedar.

Ramco Miss 999 Perfume (Women) [ ]

Notes- Floral, Rose, Jasmine.

-Fogg scents are undeniably for the people who going to rock on the dance floor. Fogg collection carries naughty and casual notes that refresh you and your mood. Moreover, they are completely trusted for their long-lasting capacity and that is what we need these days for our aroma that clings for the longer period of time.

Fogg Scent Impressio EDP Perfume (Men) [ ]

Notes- Ginger, Honey-amber, and Sandalwood.

Fogg Scent I Am Queen EDP Perfume (Women) [ ]

 Notes- Grapefruit, Amber and Neroli.

Yardley London for the people who are planning out for a date with their partner. Yardley London has Collections of perfumes that are blended with fabulous notes. They get along with you and be a part of your amazing time. Don’t have a second thought about the fragrance just go with this fragrance and have the best evening.

Yardley London Gentleman Urbane. (Men) [ ]

Notes- Green notes, Bergamot, Lavender.

Yardley London Autumn Bloom Cologne Perfume (Women) [ ]

Notes- Apple, Rose, and Amber.

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