Fragrance is the Key !

Aha! Fragrance – something which can make or break a person’s first impression.
Perfumes, scents and fragrance have been around us for centuries now; evolving from attar to expensive scent bottles. Coming from the flowers, in today’s day and age you can find all the possible fragrance type you have never heard of before. And so we all have got our favorite bottle of scent in our wardrobe. Being said so, at times it can really be confusing to choose a perfect scent that has the correct formulation. To rescue you from this mess BelleGirl Lifestyle has brought you a range of fragrances which you will fall in love with.
We are dealing in the fragrance industry for more than three decades and have acquired the perfect sense of perfume and scent. From fruity to floral to woody and musk, BelleGirl has it all. Entirely made with natural ingredient. The perfumes we sell are totally pocket-friendly and have no harmful chemicals involved. When you land on our online store you have two categories to choose from Men and Women, as we have scents for both gender available.

We offer you a multiple range of Perfumes, Deodorants – both Aerosol and No Gas Deodorants, Roll-ons and Attars. We also have some exclusive collection of scent available in our store especially hand-picked for you. Besides, our bestselling fragrances are Vablon brown mirageViwa golden sandal, Ramco sandalDsp wild chocolateRamco green muskPerfume king 21 MenDenver black codeDenver hamilton greenTFZ COSTA RICCI, TFZ Police ForceCls white London and Cls paris dreams. We also deal with perfume brands like Adidas, Fogg, Integriti, Killer, etc.

Happy shopping!

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