6 must have men's fragrance in your wardrobe

“A perfume is something invisible yet an unforgettable accessory”. We certainly tend to remember the fragrance – whether nasty or sweet. And so you surely don’t want to go wrong with the fragrance game, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. To rescue you from this turmoil, BelleGirl Lifestyle has curated a list of perfumes which you will love as they are pocket-friendly and won't wave your pocket down.

Adidas Deo Body spray: Adidas - a luxury brand you have only heard of in the shoe industry. If you are a fitness freak or addicted to some sports, Adidas is the perfect go to fragrance brand for you. Its sporty yet classy fragrance envelopes you to a fresh and recharged world. This long lasting masculine fragrance has patented cool spray technology for instant cooling sensation.

Integriti Rebel Eau De Toilette: We know this perfume will definitely set you apart from the crowd. If you want to stay fresh all day long, the combination of alluring punch notes will do the right job for you. Integrity Revel Eau De Toilette is a perfect match for every occasion as it keeps your senses awake and boosts your mood instantly.

Killer Flamboyant: If you are a person with care free attitude, loads of attractiveness and a hit of naughtiness – Killer has specially designed this perfume for you. The Flamboyant is an invigorating deodorant for men. It also comes with a handy stick which keeps you fresh all day long.

Denver Hamilton- If you are looking for a fragrance that fits all occasions Denver Hamilton Deodorant is an excellent match for you. Its aromatic flavor will stimulate your senses making you feel fresh and vibrant the entire day. Plus, the deodorant eliminates all the foul body odor leaving you refresh.

919 VIP – If party is what excites you, then 919 VIP perfume is a perfect party wear for you. A signature scent that you will identify on the dance floor and won't forget once you leave the party. The perfume is inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive parties and so holds a scent of wood and spice with a little hint of vodka mint.



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