Facts about Navratri that you should know

India has been blessed with innumerable cultures and festivals which lead them to not only be spiritually peaceful but scientifically healthy. Yes, we do know how bright with colors and delicious with food items festive are celebrated, but how much of positive effects are given through by them has been unknown. One of the festivals involves a lot of (Glory) is 'Navratri' which means Nine Nights. Navratri comes Four times a year which are

  1. (Shardiya Navratri) in September-October;
  2. (Basanti Navratri) in March-April;
  3. (Ashadh Navratri) in June-July;
  4. (Paush/Magh Navratri) in Jan-Feb.

The first and second one is celebrated by most of the Indians. There are certain rituals and one of them which is lovingly followed is wearing nine different colors during Navratri, which has their own significant characteristics and they give positivity. While we make it possible to go with the nine different color attire during Navratri.

BELLEGIRL LIFESTYLE here gives you to explore Aromas which will illuminate the color of an attire you wear and make this Navratri a Unique one by following each color with its suitable aroma.

Following is the order of nine colors it’s significant, and an aroma which can be work as a beautiful touch to it.

ORANGE (Day 1)

The very first day where Maa Durga is worshipped as Shailaputri, where she is dressed in Orange color. The color of fame & name. To highlight this color you can go with below perfumes. This aroma has a specific quality of being unique. This will surely give a great start to your favorite festival.

  1. Ramco Rose Perfume.
  2. Ramco 999 Gold Perfume.
  3. Ramco 919 VIP Gold Perfume.
  4. DSP Early Gold Perfume. 

WHITE (Day 2)

Maa Durga is worshipped as Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri and is dressed in White color. Which is the symbol of peace, prayer, faith, and strength! This color needs a light touch & the below perfumes are the best choices you'd make. It has notes of Vanilla, Floral, and Clary Sage. These perfumes which would make you feel sparkling and bright because of its fragrance.

  1. Ramco White Pearl Perfume.
  2. Ramco Intensity Silver Perfume.  
  3. Ramco Titanium Perfume.
  4. Ramco White for Women Perfume.
  5. DSP Jewel Platinum Perfume.


RED (Day 3)

The third day of Navratri where Maa Durga is worshipped as Chandra hanta. Color Red is the favorite color of Goddess Durga it defines power and passion. It needs a glittery touch of aroma which the below perfumes will undoubtedly fill.

  1. DSP Red Musk Perfume
  2. ACO Red Rose Perfume
  3. DSP Roselyn Perfume
  4. DSP Early Red Perfume
  5. ST.LOUIS Rose Pure Perfume


SKY BLUE — (Day 4)

On Day 4 Maa Durga is worshipped as Kushmanda where she is dressed in color blue. The color which Depicts admiration to nature’s beauty. To give a spark to this color, you can go with below perfumes.

  1. TFZ Signature Tru Blue Perfume.
  2. HP Blue Hearts Perfume.
  3. Arochem Blue Star Perfume.
  4. Aco Blue Musk Perfume.
  5. Ramco Paris Blue Perfume.


YELLOW (Day 5)

Day 5 of Navratri where Maa Durga is worshipped as Skandamata, the color which represents, Happiness & brings optimism and confidence. This sunshine color has a quality of Shining. The below fragrances will be the best choices you would make with the color Yellow.

  1. DSP Woody Gold Chandan Perfume
  2. Ramco Paris Yellow Perfume
  3. HP Super Choice Gold Perfume
  4. Vablon Best Gold Perfume
  5. Ramco Dare Perfume.


GREEN (Day 6)

The sixth day of Navratri where Maa Durga is worshipped as Katyayini.

She is dressed in Green. The color shows prosperity and unconditional love. This natural color needs natural aroma touch. The below fragrances comes with all the natural notes.

  1. Ramco Green Musk Perfume.
  2. Brut Prestige Green EDP Perfume.
  3. VIWA Queen of Paris Green Perfume.
  4. DENVER Hamilton Green Perfume.
  5. JEVTON AZ Green Perfume.


GREY – (Day 7)

Day 7, where Maa Durga is worshipped as Kalaratri. She is dressed in color Grey which Shows dignity & connects to the divine power. This color can be highlighted with the following Fragrances.

  1. WILD STONE Grey Deodorant Spray
  2. DSP Silver Sand Perfume.
  3. HP Vintage Silver Perfume.
  4. Ramco Miss 999 Silver Perfume.
  5. DSP Connect Silver Perfume.


PURPLE (Day 8)

The eighth day of Navratri where Maa Durga is worshipped as Mahagauri, she is dressed in color Purple. The color represents ambition and power. The below perfumes will give beautiful Aromatic touch.

  1. OSR Purple Bells Perfume.
  2. VIWA Diamond Purple Perfume.
  3. NIKE Purple Women EDT Perfume.
  4. JEVTON First Love Perfume. 


The last day of Navratri where Maa Durga is worshipped as Siddhidatri and she is dressed in peacock green color. Which represents the color of life, nature & renewal. To illuminate the nature color below Fragrances are accurate.

  1. DSP Nafeeza Green Perfume.
  2. JEVTON AZ Green Perfume.
  3. NIKE Man Green Deodorant.
  4. Layer'r Spellbound Perfume.
  5. Secret Temptation Affair Deodorant Spray.


These Nine colors with nine different special aromas will make your Navratri astounding with Bright memories. Also, you can get these perfumes at special rates.

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Navratri Colors and their relevant perfumes

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