Decorating your house? Don't forget to add this on your list!
A house is a place where you not only live but create. You organize it all, from furniture to crockery to curtains to bed sheets – all complimenting each other. Since you have been putting all your efforts to make your house beautiful and a place finally to call home, it is certain that each corner of your apartment has a story to tell. And thus, you don’t want to spoil the experience or make your guest feel unpleasant with a fusty smell.
To avoid this concern of yours, BelleGirl Lifestyle has brought you a segment of air fresheners with a variety of fragrance. You can bring everything together without losing the essence and vibe of your house with these air fresheners. Your homes sent tells a story, and there is a sent for every story suiting your house vibes and interior in our store. For instance, if you have a green interior theme going on at your place you can use a floral air freshener. Perhaps all this, your car needs to smell equally good as well. However, you can not only use these air fresheners to make your home feel and smell all good and divine but also your car. Moreover, the air fresheners are human-friendly and contain no harmful chemicals which are safe for both children and the aged as it is made with all natural ingredients. Besides, the air fresheners that we sell don’t leave a patchy stain on your walls but does a great work removing the odor from your house.
We provide a wide range of air fresheners scents like Jasmine, Rajnigandha, Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemon, rose and honey, etc. Besides, many scents are available in multiple combo fragrances which will leave your house and car feeling all fresh. We deal with two air freshener brands DSP and Ramsons both having a wide range of air freshener scents.

Air Freshner for Home, Car, Office
Air Freshener for Home, Car, Office

Apart from this we also deal in toiletries and pest control products in the home section. Over time we also are planning to add on various other products in the home section on our online store. Till then Happy Shopping!

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