Myth You Should Know About Sandalwood.

Belonging to an Indian Family, it has always been about following the Values and Virtues. Visiting Temple is one of the ways of considering it. In India, you would never run out of temples. Been an Indian girl I have always been visiting temples since my childhood when so ever asked by my parents and I would say it has always been a pleasure and fun.

             Visiting temple as an Indian child was often about a short prayer, getting delicious ‘Laddu’ in Prasad and putting on the ‘Tika’ as it indicated that we’ve visited the temple. I always loved putting “Tika” especially of sandalwood also known as “Chandana” in Sanskrit. In India sandalwood is used for all the rituals and ceremonies. [Also Sandalwood happens to calm the mind during meditation and prayer. It also is a boon created by our mother nature as it has a lot of medicinal benefits. No wonder that sandalwood with all its astonishing qualities ranks second-most expensive wood in the world.]

Sandal fragrance

            Although for me, it was more about the fragrance of sandalwood. An aroma after putting that ‘Tika’ on the forehead had made straightway to my heart. This is where I explored the mesmerizing aroma of Sandalwood. It not only gave me the sign that I’ve visited the temple but also it gave me a luminous fragrance of Sandalwood accentuated with beauty, peace, and positivity. Also when later during the days when we did not visit temple I use to ask my mom to put me the sandalwood ‘Tika’ on forehead and she used to use stick of Sandalwood, wet it from the corner and then put it on my forehead as ‘Tika’ always remarking me how sweet I looked in that Tika and how it made me look like her adorable daughter. She herself is an admirer of Sandalwood and always told me how it creates positive vibes within when I put it on my forehead. But I was honestly just affectionate about the fragrance and it unknowingly turned my favorite and my childhood fragrance you can say! But as the time passed I happened to grow up and turned modern which nowhere included of following the ritual of putting the “Tika” on the forehead, even the urge of it faded. Being in an era where the world was modernizing I had to grow with it too. Also, I never had any plan of getting rid of my childhood fragrance and I realized with time how I was more connected to the fragrance as when so ever I inhaled the aroma of Sandalwood it took me back to my childhood. So for maintaining my treasured aroma, I started using Perfumes of Sandalwood and I was too enlightened with the idea that the scent was the mixture of my childhood fragrance with a modern touch in it. Also, it give me an opportunity to live with the fragrance for me which represented values without having to put ‘Tika’ It became possible for me to sustain the fragrance and carry the aroma without letting it fade away all day, unlike how it happened in childhood that the fragrance went down with the ‘Tika.’ These amazing perfumes work for me on every big and small occasion, as it is a mixture of classiness and decency. 

Sandal Perfume

Getting Varieties in Perfume of Sandalwood scent in different Brands is what I’m exploring these days. BelleGirl Lifestyle playing a major role as it gave me an opportunity to not only get my favorite scent in it but also I get to explore various different notes. Of course, Sandalwood is one of the aromas worth treasuring and exploring. These are some amazing perfumes categorized below:

Some of the Best sandal perfumes and Air Fresheners i.e. Aco Sandal, CFS Wild Sandal, St. Louis Woody Pure Sandal, DSP Sandal Air Freshener, Ramsons Sandal Air Freshener

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Gaurav khadye

Gaurav khadye

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