Found a new obsession yet? Well, this maybe it!

Our everyday routine consists of coffee, mascara, concealer, that blingy belt and a comfortable handbag but what we often forget and pay less attention to is our scent. Yes, that whiff of maddening jasmine with a touch of the freshness of cucumber or orange blossoms.

According to a study by Psychology today, different fragrances have different effects on the human brain. You’ll be surprised to know that Lavender is known to calm a person in stressful situations and curb anxiety. You want to be optimistic or cleanse your spirit, try to go for Lemon.

Fragrances keep your mind awake and boosts your stamina to survive a crucial work day. So, whether it’s a hot sunny day or a dull winter morning Bellegirl-Lifestyle vows to get you your perfect fragrance at your doorstep. It’s the first to launch pocket-friendly online perfumes and wellness platform. Products ranging from a variety of Indian brands to popular international brands.

So, boys and girls, you know exactly what to gift your partner for birthdays or for the coming Valentine. Head on to your one-stop destination for everything exciting!

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Pooja Bhatia

Pooja Bhatia

Very impressive article…
Tempted to shop.

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