Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant 150ML

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Adidas Deo Fruity Rhythm is inspired by trendy women, full of energy, who live their life at high speed. This long-lasting fragrance comes with dark and fruity opening notes of Black Currant and Raspberry. The light and fresh middle notes of Cyclamen and Freesia fade into a soft and tender base note of Musk for a burst of floral energy.

Unique fragrance that stays with you the whole day.
It leaves you feeling fresh for long hours.
Keeps you smelling great all day.

Energetic & fruity

  • A sweet, fruity floral fragrance that helps revitalize your feminine and cool attitude
  • Notes of raspberry, cyclamen, and sandalwood
  • For dynamic, stylish girls living by the rhythm
  • 0% aluminum salts

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