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Brut Sport Style EDT Perfume 100ML

Save Rs.297.00
The Athletic fragrance of Paris. A fresh and intense fragrance with sparkling aromatic tones for the casual yet refined man. Refreshes and Quickly Covers Body Odour.

No matter what your day throws at you, brut Sport style will respond to keep you dry and destroy odour for up to 48 hrs. Instant response. Brut sport style is specially developed for physically active men to give instant response protection against body odour, wetness and perspiration, in any situation. Long lasting performance. High performance formula for 48 hour protection, blocking sweat and eliminating odour with an energising fragrance.

Brut has always been known for advertising that distinctive masculine appeal and now you can enjoy it too. Join the rich and smart as Brut promises attention wherever you are to carry out the plan you have for success.

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